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Delivering healthcare at home to AF patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

Doctor monitoring heart patient

Delivering healthcare at home to AF patients during the COVID-19 pandemic

How? The physician prescribes the use of the medically certified FibriCheck app on smartphone to measure the patient’s heart rhythm and heart rate for 7 days before a scheduled teleconsultation. The FibriCheck data is used by the physician to start/adapt treatment.

For which hospitals? Cardiology practices with outpatient clinics that required an alternative for cancelled/delayed care-paths

For which patients? All patients who are diagnosed with AF or suspicion of AF following referral. (more info:

How does TeleCheck-AF work?


Step 1:

The hospital contacts patients with AF who have an appointment at the hospital/AF Clinic.

Heart Rhythm Measurement

Step 2:

The patient receives instructions how and when to use FibriCheck app. The patient performs heart rhythm measurements at home.


Step 3:

The physician consults online and in real-time patient measurement reports in a user-friendly dashboard.


Step 4:

The physician organises a tele-consultation with the patient and determines the treatment.

Want more info? Check the SOP

How does TeleCheck-AF help our AF patients?

Dominik Linz

“The on-demand prescription of FibriCheck in TeleCheck-AF makes comprehensive remote AF-management possible during COVID-19.”

Dr Dominik Linz,
Maastricht UMC+
Jeroen M Hendriks

“Within TeleCheck-AF patients have an important and active role in their care process, and the treatment team highly relies on their cooperation and self-management by using the FibriCheck app to record their heart rhythm and heart rate”

Professor Jeroen M Hendriks,
College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Flinders University
Adelaide Australia
Royal Adelaide Hospital

Results TeleCheck-AF week 35

Clinical Centers Hospitals


clinical centers onboarded



caregivers involved



patients enrolled

Heart Rhythm Measurement


heart rate and heart rhythm recordings

TeleCheck-AF map 35

Active hospitals in TeleCheck-AF

The Netherlands
Maastricht University Medical Center
Rijnstate Hospital, Arnhem
Radboud University, Nijmegen,
Martini Hospital, Groningen
Tergooi, Hilversum
Antwerp University Hospital, Antwerp
Jessa Hospital, Hasselt
Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg, Genk
UZ Leuven, Leuven
Heilig Hart, Lier
Onze Lieve-Vrouw Ziekenhuis, Aalst
University Hospital of Graz, Graz, Austria
Klinik für Kardiologie, Hannover
University Hospital Muenster, Muenster

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'Best of E-Cardiology' at EHRA 2021

EHRA 2021 certificate
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Initiated by:

Biosense Webster
Maastricht UMC+
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