Spot-check measurement using pulse deriving smartwatch to detect atrial fibrillation

Validation study of a pulse-deriving wrist band using spot-check measurements to detect atrial fibrillation Introduction: Atrial Fibrillation (AF) screening can nowadays be carried out using mobile and wearable s [...]

By L. Grieten • 07 Aug 2018

Real-life based quality improvements

When the first version of the FibriCheck application was released as a medical device on the market, we encountered several challenges that were indicated out of the post-market surveillance process. The quality system, [...]

By L. Grieten • 11 Sep 2017

Advanced machine learning techniques to improve the quality of the PPG signal

The quality of the PPG signal is crucial to achieve the highest diagnostic accuracy possible and to and to avoid misleading analyses as much. The challenge of the PPG signal is the susceptibility to noise artefacts that [...]

By L. Grieten • 11 Sep 2017

FibriCheck Beat-to-Beat Accuracy Compared With Wearable ECG in Broad Dynamic Range

Objective: The goal of this document is to demonstrate the correlation between ECG derived heart beats and PPG derived heartbeats and the define the capability of a smartphone to correctly and accurately measure beat- [...]

By L. Grieten • 19 Jul 2017

FibriCheck Compared With FDA-Approved heart rate Devices

Introduction: Smartphone apps are capable of detecting heart rate. However validation of the accuracy is key for clinical implementation. Therefore in this study a comparison is made between FibriCheck and 2 exi [...]

By L. Grieten • 14 Jul 2017

‘Smart’ solutions for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation?

Case report Europace Vol19, Issue 7, July 17 Keywords:Smartphone; Smartwatch; Atrial Fibrillation; Remote monitoring; mhealth; Photoplethysmogram [...]

By L. Grieten • 13 Jul 2017

The FibriCheck guide to analyse PPG measurements

As you have read in the previous posts the PPG signal is basically the same principle as palpitating the pulse at the arteria radialis. However, instead of putting your finger on your wrist, with FibriCheck you are putti [...]

By L. Grieten • 24 Apr 2017

What is FibriCheck and how does it work?

The heart is an electromechanical muscular pump that, in a normal situation, has a rhythmic contraction when an electrical stimulus triggers the heart cells to contract. This electrical signal is also called the electroc [...]

By L. Grieten • 21 Mar 2017

Evaluating smartphone based PPG as a screening solution for atrial fibrillation: a digital tool to detect AF?

Abstract presentation ACC 2016 October 6th, 2016 JACC, Vol 69, Issue 11, p2499 Objectives: Guidelines indicate opportunistic screening for Atrial Fibrillation (AF) as a class I recommendation since it [...]

By L. Grieten • 06 Oct 2016

AF management using a diagnostic smartphone application: in-hospital validation and remote monitoring study

Oral presentation Belgian Heart Rhythm Meeting October 8th 2015 Objectives: The recurrence of Atrial Fibrillation (AF) after electrical cardioversion occurs in almost 50% of the cases, especially d [...]

By L. Grieten • 08 Oct 2015

Validation of a smartphone based photoplethysmographic beat detection algorithm for normal and ectopic complexes

Computing in Cardiology 2014; 41:845-848 Abstract: Background: To date little or no smartphone apps exist to differentiate between a normal heart beat and a premature ectopic beat. Aim: To develop and [...]

By L. Grieten • 14 Nov 2014

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