Advanced machine learning techniques to improve the quality of the PPG signal

The quality of the PPG signal is crucial to achieve the highest diagnostic accuracy possible and to and to avoid misleading analyses as much. The challenge of the PPG signal is the susceptibility to noise artefacts that [...]

By L. Grieten • 11 Sep 2017

FibriCheck Beat-to-Beat Accuracy Compared With Wearable ECG in Broad Dynamic Range

Objective: The goal of this document is to demonstrate the correlation between ECG derived heart beats and PPG derived heartbeats and the define the capability of a smartphone to correctly and accurately measure beat- [...]

By L. Grieten • 19 Jul 2017

FibriCheck Compared With FDA-Approved heart rate Devices

Introduction: Smartphone apps are capable of detecting heart rate. However validation of the accuracy is key for clinical implementation. Therefore in this study a comparison is made between FibriCheck and 2 exi [...]

By L. Grieten • 14 Jul 2017

What is FibriCheck and how does it work?

The heart is an electromechanical muscular pump that, in a normal situation, has a rhythmic contraction when an electrical stimulus triggers the heart cells to contract. This electrical signal is also called the electroc [...]

By L. Grieten • 21 Mar 2017