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What does
FibriCheck do?

FibriCheck is the world’s first medically certified smartphone application for arrhythmia monitoring that enables you to do effortless event recording in your (a)symptomatic or high-risk patient populations. The key ingredient to this technology is the digital innovation in signal acquisition and data processing.

FibriCheck has two main components: an app for the patient and an interface for the physician. The app doesn’t require any additional hardware. Patients simply install the application on their own smartphone, making it easy for them to use it anywhere, anytime. FibriCheck provides you with longitudinal data, as it allows for ambulatory heart rate and rhythm measurements for the duration of your choice.

The measurement principle is based on the well-known blood volume pulse variations measured in the fingertip. This photoplethysmography-technique has been thoroughly validated. For more information visit our science page.

Today, cardiologists, neurologists and general practitioners are actively prescribing FibriCheck to their patients in screening settings, as a unique event recording tool and for post-treatment care of atrial fibrillation patients. They are gaining actionable insights to improve the quality of care! Don’t wait and join them!

Why FibriCheck?

With our proven technology, we can deliver accurate heart rhythm tracking with medical grade accuracy levels

Who would benefit
from FibriCheck?

Your daily patients

Patients with undiagnosed symptoms or complaints Patients with high risk symptoms for AF development Patients with high relapse risk Patients that underwent a cardioversion or ablation Patients that suffered a cryptogenic stroke or TIA Patients that had cardiothoracic surgery

How to use FibriCheck in your practice?

Step 1: Provide your patient with a FibriCheck prescription

Prescriptions can be generated in one click from your FibriCheck web application. Register today to start prescribing FibriCheck to your patients!

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Step 2: Your patients can measure anywhere, any time

Your patients just need to download FibriCheck and scan the prescription. From that moment on you have access to all recorded measurements and corresponding symptoms.

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Step 3: Receive customized reports 

FibriCheck summarizes the recorded measurements of your patients, including the symptom tracking, into structured and clear reports.

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