Dieter, 33 yrs

“The ease of use and the quick results surprised me”

“The ease of use and the quick results surprised me”

As a medical application, FibriCheck helps the young and the less young. One of these people is Dieter, a 33-year-old man who would like to share his story.

No special medication, just FibriCheck 

Dieter learned about FibriCheck after an unexpected bout of atrial fibrillation. “The cardiologist ran a few tests and was worried about my young age. Despite my family’s medical history, I seemed to be at an increased risk. After the tests, it turned out that I didn’t need any special medication, but they did suggest I use FibriCheck.”

The ease of use of FibriCheck is extraordinary!

Patient at ease, cardiologist at ease

And that’s exactly what happened. Dieter started using the FibriCheck application, as he was rather concerned about his health. “Every time I felt even the slightest sensation, I’d worry that there was something wrong with my heart,” he says. “It was really nice to simply monitor everything with FibriCheck. After two months of regular check-ups, I believe that the atrial fibrillation won’t plague me again soon.

The dozens of measurements were all negative, which made the cardiologist happy. Even now, I still talk about this application with great enthusiasm, especially because of its ease of use. And I was also surprised by the quick results of course!”