Treesje, 71 yrs

With FibriCheck I feel comfortable and safe at all times

“I’m experiencing a sense of security, wherever I am”

Plenty of patients are already using FibriCheck today. What impact does this medical solution have on their lives? We talked to Treesje Gilles (71).

A treatment for heart palpitations

“I was introduced to Fibricheck by our oldest son,” says Treesje. “Ever since I was a teenager, my heart’s been known to skip a beat occasionally. In medical terms, they call it ventricular extrasystole. At first, the condition seemed rather harmless, but at my age it could transform into something more dangerous. It’s quite frightening.”

Treesje talks openly about how she would feel anxious in the past, when those bouts of cardiac arrhythmia started occurring in rapid succession. “On top of that, I started hyperventilating, which put me in a downward spiral,” she continues. “With FibriCheck I feel comfortable and safe at all times. Because from now on, I am constantly being monitored by experts and the cardiologist of my own choosing.”

With FibriCheck I feel comfortable and safe at all times...

Reliable monitoring at your fingertips

Plenty of people will agree with Treesje when she states that Belgians invest a lot of time and money in insurance, diet and security. “We consider our quality of life to be so incredibly important, but using a science-backed system for the body still feels foreign to many,” she suggests.

“FibriCheck has significantly improved my general well-being: it’s an amazing instrument that helps me to take control of my heart function – wherever I am. I can highly recommend this unique comfort to anyone!”

Vandaag maken reeds verschillende patiënten gebruik van FibriCheck. Welke impact deze medische oplossing op hen uitoefent? Aan het woord hieronder is Treesje Gilles (71).