• Have you ever been concerned about your heart?
  • Have you ever experienced heart palpitations?
  • Have you ever been treated for atrial fibrillation?
  • Have you ever suffered a stroke?

Monitor your heart rhythm with your fingertip.

Heart rate versus
heart rhythm

You can suffer from a heart rhythm disorder and still have a perfectly normal average heartbeat. Arrhythmias can come and go, so you might not experience anything out of the ordinary during a doctor’s visit. Checking in with a medical professional every time you feel a palpitation might not be a viable option for you. You may feel like your symptoms are temporary or even worse: you are afraid to burden your physician with these questions. As a consequence, almost half of all cardiac arrhythmias goes unnoticed.

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Introducing FibriCheck

Monitor your heart rhythm with your fingertip.

FibriCheck gives you an accurate, reliable readout of your heart’s rhythm and detects potential rhythm disorders to get a peace of mind straight away! It can be used anywhere, anytime!

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A peace of mind straight away

Easy to use

You can use FibriCheck, simply by placing your finger gently over the camera of your smartphone for 60 seconds.


Co-developed with leading cardiologists and extensively clinically validated.


FibriCheck can be used anywhere and anytime with instant feedback.


First medically-certified application in Europe (CE-Class IIa) to detect irregular heart rhythm disorders by simply using your smartphone

Doctor in the loop

All your data will be shared with a medical professional, helping you both to get a faster and better diagnosis, resulting in an adequate treatment plan.


All the information you need
at your fingertip


Nele, 35 yrs

FibriCheck always confirms what I feel physically.

Treesje, 71 yrs

“I’m experiencing a sense of security, wherever I am”

Ben, 28 yrs

"The professional nature makes it very trustworthy"